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Adobe's Project Primetime Takes Four Steps Forward
The online delivery platform for broadcasters launches in beta with major workflow and ad-insertion improvements.

It's a big day for Project Primetime, Adobe's suite of products and services that help traditional broadcasters make the leap to IP delivery and online monetization. Adobe is making four Primetime announcements today that add important services: the full Primetime suite is now in beta; Adobe is introducing MediaWeaver, an ad-insertion application; Adobe is introducing Primetime Media Player for creating a single workflow; and Adobe is fully integrating ad components into Primetime.

Those who feel like they've already been hearing about Primetime for years will be surprised to learn that it's only entering beta now (and Adobe unveiled Primetime in February, 2012). Broadcasters who want to try out the unified solution can finally dig in. Adobe says it's been testing the suite with a major content owner and a major operator prior to this, but won't name names.

The new MediaWeaver component is responsible for ad insertion and streaming. It keeps track of ad rights, so that the correct ad is shown, then stitches the content and ad video together to create one stream. That should give the viewer a buffer-free experience when going to an ad. MediaWeaver also includes analytics for monitoring and improving ad performance.

Primetime Media Player creates a single workflow for content preparation, digital rights management, insertion, and delivery. It also integrates with Primetime's ad components. Media Player is meant to solve the problems of today's fragmented online video world by simplifying processes for the broadcaster.

Finally, Project Primetime is now completely integrated with Site Catalyst for analytics, Audience Manager for breaking down audience data into targeted segments, and Auditude for ad decisioning.

Since Project Primetime is a suite of components, broadcasters are free to select the solutions they need and create a customized workflow. recorded this interview with Jeremy Helfand, Adobe's vice president of monetization, about the changes.

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