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YuMe Debuts Mobile Flip, Two-for-One Video Ad Unit for Tablets
Full-screen ad for tablets and smartphones lets viewers flip to a second screen for video or more information.

Responding to the increase in tablet use, online video advertising company YuMe is introducing a new full-screen ad unit, the Mobile Flip. The idea is that viewers are presented with one view of an advertisement, then can quickly flip to a second view for in-depth information. The format also works on smartphones.

Advertisers can choose from three versions of the Mobile Flip: they can present a custom-built interactive view, then flip to a video; present a video then flip to a custom-built interactive view; or present a video ad and flip to another video, perhaps a long-form one.

Advertisers can also take advantage of tablet features to add save the date, geographical location, add to calendar, or call now elements to their ads.

In creating the Mobile Flip unit, YuMe is taking advantage of the finger swipe gesture that tablet owners make to turn pages or scroll through photos. Because the gesture is already engrained, YuMe hopes that it will feel natural in ads and help drive engagement.

As an example of how the Mobile Flip could be used, YuMe suggest that an auto company might present a short video ad in the first view, then allow people to flip to a second view for a longer demo of the car.

Elizabeth Arden, GlaxoSmithKline, and American Greetings have all signed on to use the new ad unit. For more information, see YuMe's Mobile Flip ad gallery.

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