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YuMe Introduces ACE for Publishers 4.0
A new web-based QuickStart edition helps publishers with little ad experience get up and running.

Online video advertising company YuMe is launching ACE for Publishers 4.0 today, the latest version of its video ad management suite. Version 4 features a new edition of the suite called AFP QuickStart, which is web-based and is designed to help publishers with little or no advertising experience begin serving ads.

The QuickStart edition lets publishers manage their inventory and deliver ad campaigns. YuMe calls it "monetization minus the jargon." A proprietary algorithm responds to real-time changes and maximizes fill rates, getting publishers the highest-paying ad network at any time.

QuickStart works with YuMe's Connected Audience Network, bringing a large group of brand advertisers to publishers. YuMe says the network serves over 2 billion video impression each month. This edition offers metrics such as clicks, impressions, viewthrough rates, response rates, pacing, and estimated revenue.

Besides the QuickStart edition, ACE for Publishers 4.0 also includes AFP Pro (cloud operations for complex business processes) and AFP for Service Providers (a solution intended for OEMs and CE manufacturers).

"The AFP QuickStart solution eliminates complicated processes and is ideal for helping publishers effectively monetize their inventory across devices, as they work with various ad networks." says Jayant Kadambi, CEO of YuMe.

YuMe QuickStart

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