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comScore Announces Video Rankings for November
The measurement company looks at which sites are serving the most videos and which are serving the most ads.

Digital measurement company comScore has just released online video numbers for November, 2010, showing what's getting watched. In the U.S., 172 million viewers watched 5.2 billion videos that month alone. That averages to 884.6 minutes of viewing per person, or nearly 15 hours.

It's no surprise that Google, parent company to YouTube, was again ranked first. With its commanding lead, it will likely be the top video destination for many years to come. On Google sites, 145 million viewers saw just shy of 2.0 billion videos.

Google was followed by Yahoo sites, where 62 million viewers watched 241 million videos. Completing the top ten are Vevo, AOL, Viacom, Facebook, Microsoft sites, Fox Interactive Media, NBC Universal, and Turner Digital.

comScore also found that American viewed more than 5.4 billion online video ads that month. This time Hulu took the top spot, serving more 1.1 billion ads. That means its viewers averaged 42.4 videos per person, and they comprised 9.0 percent of the population.

The next highest, after a steep drop-off, was Tremor Media Video Network. It served 477 million ads and its viewers averaged 7.1 ads per person. Rounding out the advertising top ten were ADAP.TV, Microsoft sites, BrightRoll Video Network,, CBS Interactive, Google sites,, and Curiously, CWTV's viewer's saw the highest number of ads per person: 68.5.

The top video ad networks in terms of overall reach were ScanScout Network, BrightRoll Video Network, and Break Media, says comScore. Overall, 84.2 percent of the U.S. population watched some online video that month.

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