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Get Reliable ROI Info with BrightRoll's Reporting Suite
Get measurements from a variety of advertising partners for a holistic view.

The new reporting suite unveiled by video advertising network BrightRoll doesn't just get data from one trusted source, it uses them all. The suite includes measurement and analytics tools from BrightRoll's research partners, which include comScore, Nielsen, Vizu, and InsightExpress.

The purpose of the new suite is to give advertisers a more meaningful way to measure return on investment (ROI). It includes five areas designed to help measure an advertising campaign's success:

Awareness: This measures the impact of a campaign on a product's awareness, and includes measurements of brand awareness, favorability, and recall.

Impact: The suite uses Nielsen's NetEffect tool to chart the impact of an online campaign on offline consumer purchasing.

Validation: Here the suite uses comScore's Campaign Essentials information to measure the delivery of a campaign, with scores for reach, frequency, and demographics of those exposed to the ads.

Effectiveness: ComScore's Action Lift measures the change in online behavior and engagement, including site visits and searches.

Optimization: This uses Vizu's Ad Catalyst platform to let advertisers monitor and optimize brand lift by creative, exposure frequency, and targeting segment.

"Traditional metrics just don't give a complete picture when it comes to understanding the ROI of online video," says Tod Sacerdoti, BrightRoll's CEO. "Our goal with this new suite and the research partnerships behind it is to provide the data and tools that will allow advertisers to measure the success of campaigns run on our network, while informing and optimizing future campaigns for maximum impact."

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