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Wowza SDK Lets Developers Build Live Video Streaming Into Apps
With the GoCoder SDK, app-makers can add 4K video capture and distribution to a variety of iOS and Android mobile devices.

Now, any developer can add live video streaming to their iOS or Android app, promises Wowza. The media streaming company announced the release of its GoCoder software development kit (SDK) which it says will save developers thousands of hours in creating a live video capture and streaming offering.

Live video is useful in a variety of apps, Wowza notes. It can be used in drone controllers, insurance claim damage reporting tools, or live sports apps. The popular live video app Periscope was built with Wowza technology, the company says.

Wowza offers a cross-platform API to capture video from a range of iOS and Android mobile devices. That video capture system integrates with the Wowza Streaming Engine software and Streaming Cloud service to broadcast feeds to viewers around the globe. The SDK can capture up to 4K resolution.

"The release of the Wowza GoCoder SDK further enhances our offerings across the entire mobile live video streaming workflow, from capture and encoding, to transcoding and repackaging, to delivery and consumption,” says David Stubenvoll, CEO and co-founder of Wowza Media Systems. “We now provide the building blocks and platform to make mobile live broadcasting accessible for any size organization worldwide.”

Wowza reps will be talking about the SDK at next week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

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