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YouTube Opens Up Live Streaming to All Members
No longer restricted to those with high subscriber and view counts, YouTube Live is now open to all members in good standing.

YouTube has finally announced that its live streaming service is now available to all members who have accounts in good standing. YouTubers who haven't committed copyright violations or who haven't broken the site's community guidelines are welcome to apply. Members unsure of their status should check the Features page in their channel settings.

Those interested in streaming live still need to apply. YouTube is rolling out access gradually, perhaps to avoid stressing the new system. The site has created an introduction to YouTube Live for new users. Like YouTube video hosting, the live streaming is free.

Prior to this, YouTube Live was restricted to members with a high number of subscribers and video views.

Along with the YouTube Live rollout, YouTube has added the ability to launch a Google+ Hangout on Air from the YouTube Live events manager.

To learn how to stream with YouTube Live, read this detailed walkthrough from, or read this guide to creating a Google+ Hangout on Air.

"While I shudder at the thought of trying to reach YouTube tech support in the event of a problem, the company has done an extremely good job at making its service useable, and other than the minor preview issues mentioned I had no problems at all," Jan Ozer wrote in his review of YouTube Live.

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