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YouTube Lets Desktop Streamers Go Live Without an Encoder
While YouTube made encoder setup easy, it was still a hurdle for some. Now, Chrome users can stream live with no setup required.

YouTube announced an important technical change for video creators yesterday that allows them to stream live from their desktop or notebook computer without the use of an encoder. While desktop live streaming on YouTube isn’t new, creators previously had to download and install encoding software or hardware from a verified list. Products that carry the YouTube Live Verified designation are automatically set up for YouTube, capturing the creator's desktop, camera, and microphone.

As of today that step is no longer needed so long as creators are using Chrome, as they can now stream live without using an encoder. YouTube says it will add additional browser support soon. To start a live broadcast, creators need to visit or tap Go Live in their YouTube header. YouTube ran advance tests with select creators who offered live beauty tutorials and product reviews.

In the coming months, YouTube will bring easy live streaming to phones, as well. It will add the ability to create a live stream to camera apps available in select devices from Asus, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung. YouTube didn't mention adding iPhone support, but said it will expand this ability to other manufacturers through the year by letting them add a deep link in an app. This deep linking currently only works with Android apps.

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