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Wowza Streaming Cloud With Ultra Low Latency Now Available
First demonstrated at IBC, Wowza's solution for low-latency interactive video and data serves viewers around the globe on a variety of devices.

Streaming specialist Wowza Media Systems announced today that its Wowza Streaming Cloud service with Ultra-Low Latency is now available for certain plans. Customers will enjoy global end-to-end delivery with under three seconds of latency, the company promises. Wowza first demonstrated this service at IBC in September 2017. At the time, Wowza promised sub-two second delivery. Apparently, it had trouble shaving off that last second.

The ultra-low latency service is targeted to industries that need immediate delivery combined with interactivity, such as online gambling. Wowza notes this is a strong choice for developers who want iOS and Android support, but don’t want to replace their existing RTMP workflows. Wowza Streaming Cloud works with RTMP/S, RTSP, and WOWZ protocols. 

Wowza's global delivery relies on Microsoft Azure serving to a geo-aware network of ingest points. The API-based solution offers two-way interactivity for video and data. Developers who need to service and monetize live events to millions of global viewers will find it "ideal," says Dave Stubenvoll, Wowza's CEO and co-founder.

The developer toolkit for this solution includes interactive documentation, sample applications, and access to the GoCoder SDK. Pricing starts at $49 per month, and existing customers can upgrade their service using the Wowza account manager. 

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