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ViewCast Sells Off VMp Line
Sale of enterprise video distribution line lets company focus on the streaming video market.
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Broadband and mobile video delivery company ViewCast announced today that it has sold off its VMp product group, selling both the product line assets and the business. VMp stands for ViewCast Media Platform, and the line was used for enterprise video distribution.

The new owner of the VMp line is Genus Technologies, LLC, a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based company that offers enterprise content management products and services. ViewCast will continue to earn revenue from the line, thanks to agreed upon earn-out payments. ViewCast will also continue marketing the VMp line to its customers and channels.

The reason for the sale, says ViewCast, is that the company is going to focus on expanding its core product lines of Osprey capture card and Niagara systems.

"This sale benefits everyone involved," says John Hammock, ViewCast's president and CEO. "It is good for Genus, a company with strong ties to IBM that will benefit from VMp's intriguing set of customers, technologies, and services. It's good for the VMp business group, which gets a chance to optimize its value with more focus on development and growth, and it's great for ViewCast."

Hammock notes that, thanks to the sale, ViewCast can take advantage of rapid expansion in the streaming video market by focusing on new hardware and software offerings. 

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