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Verizon Digital Media Services Goes Live with Events Service
Expanding its unicast delivery platform, Verizon announces live video delivery for broadcasters and studios.
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Add another entry to the long list of live video announcements the industry has seen so far this year: Verizon Digital Media Services has created Verizon Live Events, which can ingest feeds from sources such as satellite, terrestrial fiber, and the internet, then transcode and deliver the content. The new service, which includes proactive monitoring and redundancy, was created with Origin Digital. Verizon is targeting broadcasters, studios, content owners, and multichannel video programming distributors with the release.

“There are no second chances when it comes to live events,” says Bob Toohey, president of Verizon Digital Media Services. “Verizon Live Events combines depth of experience, market-leading technology and exceptional reach to create memorable experiences for viewers watching their favorite live events. This combination offers a single solution for a wide range of live events -- from multinational sporting events to breaking news and business meetings to concerts and red-carpet premieres.”

At International CES 2012, spoke with David Rips, then the president of Verizon Digital Media Services, about the launch of the unicast delivery platform. Rips described it as an alternative Internet that major clients could use to stream large files directly to consumers. This new offering makes that same high-speed unicast delivery an option for live content creators. Verizon Digital Media Services already offers video-on-demand and linear channel services.

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