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Unicorn Announces OnceUX for Rich Client-Side Ads
Avoid third-party SDKs and the delays they cause, says Unicorn. OnceUX offers rich features combined with dynamic ad insertion.

Bringing rich client-side experiences to online video ads, enterprise video platform Unicorn Media is unveiling Unicorn OnceUX. This solution lets publishers and advertisers avoid using third-party SDKs when creating campaigns, removing the delays that come form third-party interfaces. OnceUX combines dynamic server-side ad insertion with a rich client-side user interface.

With OnceUX, customers can build interactive ads into their streams, use ad overlays, and hide controls during ad playback so that viewers can't skip ahead. OnceUX is meant to be used with applications and HTML5 interfaces. The goal, Unicorn says, is to offer publishers new revenue opportunities by expanding the types of ads they can display and by offering pay-per-click models.

The OnceUX solution includes real-time analytics, so that broadcasters and brands can monitor ad effectiveness, making changes instantly when needed. It also includes business intelligence for quick decisions, and lets publishers include mid-roll ads in longer content. With OnceUX, a publisher's ad division can offer custom ads to brands for any device based on current inventory.

Other Unicorn Media solutions include OnceVOD for video-on-demand and OnceLive for live video. Unicorn Once offers cloud-based video delivery and dynamic ad insertion to any device or platform with a single URL. Supported platforms include iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Roku, Boxee, TiVo, Windows Mobile, Xbox, and connected TVs.

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