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TubeMogul Opens Office in Japan, Announces $1.24M in Financing
Partnerships with investors DAC and Omnibus will let TubeMogul bring real-time bidding and advanced targeting to buyers.

TubeMogul is expanding its real-time video ad-buying platform to Japan with the opening of a Tokyo office. Digital Advertising Consortium (DAC, a division of holding company Hakuhodo) along with ad technology company Omnibus invested $1.24 million (¥100 million) to make the office possible.

Besides making a financial investment, DAC has entered into a partnership with TubeMogul. The Japan office combines DAC's position as a trading desk and technology consortium with TubeMogul's real-time media buying platform.

TubeMogul is also partnering with Omnibus. As an ad network with an emphasis on audience targeting, Omnibus will work with TubeMogul to grow the Japanese video ad market.

According to TubeMogul, this is the first time real-time video ad buying has been available in Japan.

TubeMogul will use the $1.24 million investment to staff the Japan office and forge deals with local brand advertisers and trading desks. The CEO for TubeMogul Japan is Masahiro Kano.

Buyers will be able to choose from both standard in-stream and in-display click-to-play ad types, and also mobile device-friendly ad formats such as in-app video interstitials.

"This investment is a vote of confidence from DAC and Omnibus that real-time video is poised to take over the Japanese market," said Brett Wilson, TubeMogul's co-founder and CEO.

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