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TouchCast Launches with iPad Video Production App
By adding video apps, TouchCast lets creators enhance videos with clickable elements that provide more information.

The startup TouchCast launched its first product today, and this is one to keep an eye on. TouchCast, co-founded by Erick Schonfeld (formerly of TechCrunch), aims to transform online video by making it less a siloed separate activity and more a clickable multimedia experience, like the rest of the web.

The company's first product is a free iPad app called TouchCast that lets creators make interactive videos full of useful, clickable items. The company calls these items video apps, or vApps, and they can be used to add a live Twitter feed to a video or call up a web page. Viewers can then tap on them for more info. Other vApps let creators add a news feed, map, photo, or even another video. The iPad app includes green screening, filters, sound effects, and titles. There's even a handy teleprompter built-in, since it must be hard to remember a script while controlling all that interactivity. The app doesn't include any post-production editing; once the video is done, it's done.

The company says a desktop client will be available soon. The results look attractive, but time will tell if creators want to put the time into working with vApps, or if viewers respond to the interactivity. If you've tried out the TouchCast app, leave a comment below with your reactions.

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