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Telestream to Show Self-Healing Live Video Architecture at IBC
Project Orchid promises to improve service quality while lowering cost and complexity, Telestream says, by solving problems on its own.
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Thanks to its Q1 2017 acquisition of Ineoquest, digital video solutions company Telestream has something major planned for IBC, and it's called Project Orchid. Available for demonstration by appointment, Orchid is a full end-to-end live streaming architecture that's able to heal and optimize itself, improving performance without the need for constant monitoring.

While Telestream isn't yet saying when Project Orchid will get a commercial release, it notes the technology will be able to self-diagnose live streaming issues and reroute streams, letting publishers reduce cost and complexity. The technology combines live streaming production with monitoring and analytics, and will automatically respond to problems that degrade performance. Orchid will offer a containerized solution for video encoding, packaging, delivery, and monitoring. Customers will be able use the solution by itself or integrated in a multi-vendor workflow. When used by itself, each of the Orchid's modules gains greater self-awareness, the company says.

“Our move to self-aware architectures is the most strategically important research and development initiative that Telestream has implemented in the last decade," notes CEO Scott Puopolo. "At IBC, Project Orchid represents the first time our industry has seen a single technology provider developing self-healing, self-scaling, and self-optimizing video service networks."

Telestream will show Project Orchid at its Hall 7 booth.

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