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Telestream Wirecast 10 Links to Restreaming, Captioning Services
Video creators can simultaneously stream live video to multiple platforms, even when using a light laptop and a standard internet connection.
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Wirecast 10 is now available, announced digital video solutions company Telestream, and this version includes access to restreaming and live captioning cloud services, making either a simple addition to a live video workflow.

Restreaming means sending a live stream to multiple destinations simultaneously. With the Wirecast Restream service, a live feed is uploaded to Telestream's cloud media processing system where it can be instantly distributed to multiple video platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. Because processing is handled in the cloud, Telestream's service is an option for producers using light laptops and standard internet connections.

The Live Captions service automates the captioning process, and promises 90 percent accuracy when the source audio is clear. It's available for English (U.S.), English (U.K.), French, Portuguese, and Spanish sources. Telestream says the output is compliant CEA-608 closed captions that are correctly formatted.

The restreaming services starts at $25 per month, while the captioning starts at $60 per month. Users select both through a check box.

“We intentionally designed Wirecast 10 so users don’t have to change their workflow to harness these services,” says Tom Prehn, a product manager at Telestream. “Users simply sign up for a Telestream Cloud account, add their intended destinations in Wirecast, as they always have, and check the 'Enable Restream & Captions' check box for that destination.”

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