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TCL Will Create First Roku-Licensed 8K TV, Coming This Year
Ready or not, here comes 8K. Look for 8K sets to hit the market later this year, with TCL creating the first Roku model.

Roku and TCL announced that TCL will create the first 8K Roku television, which will go on sale sometime later this year. Roku is creating an 8K hardware reference design, which TCL will be the first to use. The companies didn't offer details on screen size or price.

Roku also announced it's expanding its 4K and HDR reference design by adding far-field microphones for voice input. Roku first created its TV licensing program in 2014. TCL is now the second largest maker of connected TVs in the U.S., notes Chris Larson, TCL's senior vice president.

“Together TCL and Roku have delivered millions of smart TVs to consumers across North America that they love to use,” says Chas Smith, general manager for Roku TV and Players. “In designing and delivering 8K TCL Roku TVs we will reach new heights by offering beautiful picture quality combined with America’s number one TV streaming platform.”

In related news, five display companies announced the formation of the 8K Association, with the goal of promoting 8K TVs and content, as well as helping educate consumers about 8K offerings. Its founding companies are AU Optronics, Hisense, Panasonic, Samsung Electronics, and TCL.

“The newly founded 8K Association will help drive the introduction of 8K technology in the North American and world market,” Larson notes.

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