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Sorenson 360 OVP Gets New Features
Improved WebM support, Squeeze Server integration, and video sitemap creation all come to the OVP.

Sorenson Media enhanced its Sorenson 360 online video platform (OVP) today with several new features, including improved WebM support, integration with Sorenson Squeeze Server, and greater video player compatibility.

Content owners that want to provide full HTML5 support (and deliver to Google's Chrome browser) will be happy that 360 now has optimized WebM encoding, for faster and higher-quality results.

The platform expands its video player compatibility with this release, letting content owners choose from all major video players, such as Flash, QuickTime, HTML5, and Silverlight, streaming video in Flash (Spark and VP6), MPEG-4 (H.264), WebM, and Windows Media (VC1).

New Facebook integration lets content owners post videos directly to their Facebook accounts.

Integration with Sorenson Squeeze Server is meant for sites with high video encoding needs. They can now use Sorenson's cloud-based encoding in conjunction with their video hosting to create an efficient workflow.

Since search engine optimization (SEO) is always crucial to video sites, 360 now creates video sitemaps automatically, helping search engines find hosted videos and refer traffic.

"With more video formats and players than ever before, customers demand choice and control. We designed this new feature to give them both, without sacrificing the ease of use," says Eric Quanstrom, COO of Sorenson Media. 

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