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Sling TV Offers 50-Hour Cloud DVR to Amazon Device Owners
The skinny bundle becomes a lot more useful with the addition of a 50-hour cloud DVR, but that service comes with an additional $5 monthly fee.

Sling TV has been beta testing cloud DVR storage with Roku customers since late last year, and now it's offering the service to a wider range of subscribers. People who signed up for Sling TV through an Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV stick, or Fire tablet can now get a 50-hour cloud DVR for an additional $5 per month. Those subscribers will be able to access their cloud DVR on Roku devices and Android devices, as well, if they wish.

The cloud DVR lets Sling TV customers record as many concurrent programs as they want. Recordings don't expire as long as the customer pays for the service.'s testing with a beta account showed that fast-forwarding through commercials on saved recordings isn't always possible. Customers can set recordings when they're away from their TVs using the Sling TV app on Android mobile devices and Amazon Fire tablets.

Sling TV has already announced upcoming feature improvements for the cloud DVR: Customers will be able to protect recordings from deletion and group recordings into folders. The company isn't saying when these features will appear.

Existing beta testers in Sling TV's cloud DVR program can keep the 100-hour cloud DVR they've been using. Beta testers had been limited to using their cloud DVRs with Roku devices, but can now access them on Amazon and Android devices, as well.

YouTube TV will offer a cloud DVR when it launches in the spring, but with crucial differences: YouTube TV recordings will expire after nine months, the service reportedly will allow commercial skipping, and the service won't cost an extra fee.

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