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Qumu Offers Hybrid Cloud Solution for Business Video
By moving to the cloud, businesses can save money on a video communications system, Qumu says.
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Business video platform provider Qumu has released a hybrid cloud solution, one targeted at companies that lack the infrastructure for video delivery. The Qumu Hybrid Cloud Video Communication Solution combines a cloud-based instance of Qumu Video Control Center and a Qumu VideoNet Edge device. Once set up, it provides for video streaming both inside and outside the firewall.

Because the system resides in the cloud, customers don't need to invest in expensive infrastructure, Qumu says.

Qumu is calling this the "hybrid cloud" because it combines both internet and intranet into one platform. The system puts proxy-caches at the edge of the network, which split one inbound stream into many, when needed. This should lessen the demand on the network and also reduce CDN bandwidth costs.

By moving to the cloud, organizations can avoid the costs of installing an enterprise-level video communication system, Qumu says. In September, Qumu polled over 700 IT professionals and found that 44.4 percent of them would be moving applications to the cloud in the next 12 months; 33.4 percent said the move would include up to half their applications. Serving video from the cloud has the advantage of letting employees view video on mobile devices no matter where they are, the company adds. 

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