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Ozer Creates Video Training Series for Adobe Media Encoder
Three-hour-plus video workshop covers encoding for a variety of platforms and devices, and includes best practices. contributor and compression authority Jan Ozer has released a three-hour video training workshop for those who need to learn the Adobe Media Encoder. Entitled Producing Great Video with the Adobe Media Encoder CS 5.5, it's available online or as a download for $34.99. The tutorial was co-produced by Ozer and Video2Brain, a European video training company.

The training video starts with an overview on using Adobe Media Encoder, including using it with Premiere Pro and After Effects. It covers streaming basics, such as constant and variable bit rate encoding, and details best practices for broadcast.

The workshop offers specifics on outputting H.264, Silverlight, and HTML5 video, as well as encoding for Apple iOS devices, creating files for DVDs and Blu-ray Discs, and producing adaptive streaming video. Ozer goes into detail on codecs and configuration options.

"After completing the training, viewers will thoroughly understand the encoding options available in the Adobe Media Encoder and how to efficiently produce top-quality video files, whatever the target," says Ozer.

Ozer and Video2Brain have made three videos from the series available for free, so potential buyers can get a taste for the material. Those three sections are Overview of the Encoding Workflow, Watch Folders, and Producing for HTML5. Buyers can also browse the table of contents.

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