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Ooyala Sees Strong Increase in Video Plays on Mobile Devices
With video plays above 60 percent and phone plays above 50 percent for the first time, Ooyala sees a commitment to multi-screen streaming.
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Many viewers are migrating to the living room, but Ooyala sees a lot of action on mobile. In its Q2 2018 Global Video Index, the online video platform notes that 62 percent of global video views were on mobile devices, and this is only the second time that mobile video starts were north of 60 percent. Also, video starts on mobile devices have now exceeded 50 percent for 9 consecutive quarters.

Comparing that to last year, Ooyala says mobile video plays were up 9.8 percent year-over-year.

"The 62 percent is notable, a strong indication that content owners’ commitment to digital delivery of content—and to make it available on mobile device especially—is growing as more consumers adopt over-the-top viewing," the report notes. "There are more than 220 over-the-top video services available to consumers in North America, and that number is dwarfed by the number of services available in the rest of the world, especially in emerging markets where it is far less expensive to light up or expand a mobile network than it is to expand a wired one."

Looking only at phones, Ooyala says video starts on phones was above 50 percent for the first time ever. That marks a 13.2 percent year-over-year improvement. Tablets got 10.2 percent of video starts in Q2.

For more results, download the Ooyala Q2 2018 Global Video Index for free (registration required).

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