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Ooyala Adds Server-Side Ad Insertion for Live Video Streams
Viewers will see targeted ads whether they view live or on-demand content, and frequency capping will keep viewers from feeling annoyed.
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The online video platform Ooyala announces today that its live video media and publishing customers can now monetize their streams using server-side ad insertion (SSAI).

The Ooyala offering, now part of Ooyala Live and Ooyala Pulse (its ad-serving platform) offers three advantages, the company says. First, it offers viewers a seamless viewing experience: There are no breaks before an ad so online viewing feels more like television. Second, because content and ads are all part of the same video stream, SSAI helps defeat ad blocking software.

The third advantage is that Ooyala's SSAI offers targeted ads no matter if the viewer is watching live or on-demand video. The offering considers the device used for viewing, location, content already viewed, time of day, demographics, and more to determine the most relevant ad to serve. Built-in frequency capping prevents viewers from seeing the same ad too many times.

Ooyala Live can auto-detect ad markers, the OVP says, to monetize unexpected ad breaks that can happen during live events. It also lets customers insert slates into ad breaks to help fill space when the length of an ad break doesn't match the length of available ads.

“Today’s viewers expect true, TV-like experiences whether it’s on a smartphone, tablet, or connected TV," says Jonas Flodh, Ooyala's senior director of global product management. "With Ooyala, customers can now deploy, track, and monetize live content all through a single and simple-to-use platform.”

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