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Oath Bundles its Advertising Options as Oath Ad Platforms
Despite some turbulence at the top, Oath is committed to providing a smoother experience for both marketers and publishers.

Verizon subsidiary Oath announced today that it's grouping all of its ad tools under one umbrella known as Oath Ad Platforms. The role of Oath, which was created in June 2017 and includes AOL and Yahoo, was always to standup to the content and sales might of Google and Facebook, and this regrouping seems designed to help both marketers and publishers find the tools they need.

For marketers, Oath Ad Platforms includes a DSP (demand-side platform) providing access to brand-safe video and display inventory on AOL, Yahoo, and other owned properties, a marketplace for native ads and search ads, and a programmatic SSP (supply-side platform) and exchanges. For publishers, Oath Ad Platforms offers a toolset that lets them serve ads to their omnichannel, video, and broadcast properties. Publisher integration should get easier when Oath introduces an Oath Ads SDK sometime next year.

Oath CEO Tim Armstrong is quoted in the press statement, but he won't lead the company much longer. News broke last week that Armstrong is being pushed out of the company and is currently negating his exit. Media experts speculate that Armstrong wanted Verizon to spin Oath off as its own company, but that new Verizon management had other plans. Verizon management says the company remains dedicated to growing Oath.

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