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Newsy Announces Is Latest Customer
The short news video creator is branching out with evergreen educational and biographical videos.

With the demand for video on websites increasing, some companies are choosing to outsource their video needs. Newsy is capitalizing on that, and today the company announced that is its latest customer. A video news network for-hire, Newsy is adding evergreen video creation to its list of services. While the company is best know for creating videos on headline events, it will create more general informational videos for For example, it recently created "How to Change a Tire," "What Is a Pedicure?," and a profile of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs for

Newsy will work with editors to identify suitable subject for videos, and will then create brand-safe videos in a variety of genres, such as how-tos, biographies, and educational clips. Newsy's staff works with outside experts to create the specialized content. For an example of Newsy's work for, see this video on owning clownfish in a saltwater aquarium.

For its own site and its customers, Newsy says it creates over 2,000 videos each month resulting in over one billion views each year. Other Newsy clients include The Huffington Post/AOL, Mashable, and National Journal. The company has over 30 fulltime employees in three offices: Columbia, Missouri; Los Angeles; and Chicago, Illinois.

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