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NBC to Stream Live Winter Olympics Video Over Snapchat
Just days after its surprisingly good quarterly earnings report, Snap says it's getting in the Olympic spirit and making NBC its first live TV partner.

For the first time, NBC will stream live Olympics video to a partner: Snapchat will carry a live Olympic moment each day during prime time, starting tomorrow. Live video is a new offering for Snapchat, and NBC will be its first TV partner for live content. Viewers will be able to sign up for notifications letting them know when a live stream is about to take place. These live moments will be featured on the NBC Olympics Discover page in Snapchat.

The two companies didn't say how long the live streams will last, but it sounds like they'll be highly anticipated moments from key events. NBC's statement emphasizes that viewers can "zoom in on different live angles," so viewers will probably be able to see streams that aren't part of the regular NBC broadcast. NBC has a financial interest in Snap's success, as it invested $500 million in the company during its IPO.

Snapchat will also offer Olympic video in a daily Our Stories package. These curated Our Stories pieces will include custom context cards highlighting information from NBC, such as medal counts, local weather, schedules, and links to articles. To see them, viewers will need to swipe up on snaps that say "More." The Our Stories packages will combine broadcast footage, behind-the-scenes clips, and fan video.

NBC will also create two original shows for Snapchat during the PyeongChang Games: Pipe Dreams and Chasing Gold. Pipe Dreams is a 4-part profile of 3 snowboard athletes, while Chasing Gold is a 17-part series on Team USA's journey. Both are available now.

“Building off our successful partnership for the Rio Olympics, we’re excited to significantly expand the NBC Olympic experience on Snapchat by delivering even more content and coverage to the platform, including a live look-in on one of the most compelling moments each day during the Games,” says Gary Zenkel, president of NBC Olympics.

BuzzFeed will create its own daily look at the events, using footage shot by a team in PyeongChang. BuzzFeed is an NBC partner, and will get unique access to athletes and Olympic venues.

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