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NASA Offers 4K Stream of 2017 Eclipse on Multiple Platforms
No protective glasses? No problem. The space agency will produce multiple live video streams of the event from multiple locations.

For those who can't view this afternoon's solar eclipse directly, NASA is offering the next best thing. The agency is offering live streaming 4K coverage of the event from multiple locations starting at noon ET. Those interested should look to NASA's public TV feed, Facebook Live feed, Twitter account, Twitch TV account, Ustream page, or YouTube channel. They'll see a preview show at noon ET, then "Solar Eclipse: Through the Eyes of NASA" at 1 PM ET, which will cover the path of totality as it moves from Oregon to South Carolina.

With most Americans expected to view the eclipse and share their experiences, there's talk that this could be a record-setting day online. Quoted in The Atlantic, Tyler Nordgren, an astronomer at the University of Redlands, said, "This will be the most photographed, most shared, most tweeted event in human history." The cellular carriers have placed mobile towers in key areas, in anticipation of high demand.

NASA has created a web application that simulates what viewers can expect to see from different parts of the country. After loading the app, select a destination on the map to see how the eclipse will look from that location during peak viewing time.

Eclipse day has turned into a mini holiday online, with some stores offering one-day sales. iHeartRadio has created an eclipse playlist for subscribers (with songs like "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and "Black Hole Sun," as well as a free Eclipse Party Radio station for everyone else. 

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