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Mozilla Serves Up Popcorn, Simple Tool for Online Video Remixing
Using Popcorn Maker, people with no video editing experience can enhance, annotate, and share online video creations.

Further democratizing online video, Mozilla introduced a tool this week called Popcorn Maker, which lets anyone enhance online videos and share them with friends. The online tool lets users add interactivity to a video; insert meaningful links, images, or text; or add social feeds. Popcorn Maker has a drag-and-drop interface and is surprisingly easy to use.

To help new users get started, Moziila has created a few helpful assets. The introductory video is inserted below this article. It gives an overview of Popcorn Maker and what it can do. Those new to Popcorn Maker can press the Start a Project button on the tool's page to view a simple interface with callouts that guide the user. Additionally, users can click to view a tutorial of the program. Popcorn Maker is easy enough for those with no video editing experience to begin using right away.

Popcorn Maker follows Popcorn.js, a Javascript library for developers released last year, and is meant to give any user the power to create with online video. In a Mozilla blog entry, Matt Thompson, the Mozilla Foundation's communications director, notes that it was built using open web elements, and written in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

"It's essentially a web page that makes other web pages," says Brett Gaylor, Mozilla's director of Popcorn. 

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