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LiveRail Adds HTML5 Video to Real-Time Bidding
Citing strong advertiser demand for mobile ad opportunities, LiveRail extends with HTML5 video support.

Video advertising platform LiveRail announced today that its RTB (real-time bidding) system now works with HTML5 video. By adding HTML5 video, the company hopes to give publishers consistent monetization across all properties, whether desktop or mobile.

For advertisers, this means the ability to better target desired viewers, since advertisers can extend their reach to all browsers and mobile devices.

LiveRail notes that its RTB offering not only supports HTML5 video, but is also compliant with the VPAID (video player-ad interface definition) standard. The company has seen a strong demand by brand advertisers for ad opportunities on smartphones and tablets, and believes that publishers will experience high demand for inventory from the moment they begin offering HTML5 video support.

"We're incredibly proud to be unveiling the first RTB solution for HTML5 Video" Mark Trefgarne, co-founder and CEO of LiveRail says. "This opens up new opportunities for publishers to develop compelling monetization strategies, increase content distribution and revenue-generation. The ability for publishers to successfully monetize their viewers on mobile devices is critical. RTB helps publishers maximize the value of every single stream, auctioning their viewer streams to advertisers in real-time helping to drive higher fill rates and CPMs." 

In July, 2012, LiveRail launched Checkpoint, a tool publishers can use to block unwanted ad categories from reaching their viewers.

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