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Live Video Sees Growing Support in the Workplace, Finds Brightcove
Younger employees are more positive about live video in the workplace, while many have experienced quality issues during streaming.
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A survey by cloud video services company Brightcove sees modest but growing support for live streamed video in the workplace. Of enterprise employees who have streamed a live video at work, 94 percent enjoy having at least one work event live streamed. Looking only at those employees, 67 percent prefer having at least one event available live.

The most popular choice for live streamed work video was internal company meetings, chosen by 49 percent. After that comes conference keynotes at 37 percent and internal updates or announcements with 33 percent.

Younger employees were more positive about live video streaming. Of those age 18 to 39, 61 percent enjoy the ability to interact in real-time, while only 50 percent of total respondents said the same.

Employees often have trouble streaming live video at work, as 77 percent said they had encountered some type of problem doing so. Buffering was the most common snafu, followed by poor sound quality and poor video quality.

“While the demand for live-streamed video within the workplace is rising, it’s also important for enterprises to implement the right video solution in order to reduce the challenges that can occur by virtue of live streaming," says Charles Chu, chief product officer at Brightcove.

Brightcove isn't releasing the full findings of the report, but created an infographic with highlights.

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