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Kaltura Acquires Rapt Media for Personalized Video Experiences
Rapt Media—and its personalized branching interactive video technology—is becoming part of Kaltura. Viewers can choose their own path.

Online video platform Kaltura announced today that it has acquired Rapt Media for an undisclosed sum. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Rapt creates an interactive branching video technology that allows each viewer to have a unique experience. Viewers move along a path determined by their own selections or behaviors. Rapt offerings include interactive video quizzes, editing tools, and in-video calls-to-action.

Kaltura sees a variety of uses for this branching technology, including marketing, education, and recruitment. In marketing, it can help create engaging experiences that consumers choose to watch for longer periods of time. In education, it helps create relevant lessons matched to the student's own level. And in recruitment it can create enjoyable training materials that speed the onboarding process. 

"We're moving into an age of hyper-personalization, where viewers expect all content to be fully relevant to them," explains Ron Yekutiel, chairman, CEO, and co-founder of Kaltura. "By making it possible to take video from a lean-back experience to a fully interactive one, Kaltura is keeping its clients at the forefront of engagement and innovation. We look forward to integrating both the Rapt team and technology into Kaltura, making this a fully incorporated part of our offering."

Rapt has raised $12 million in funding prior to this, and its customer list includes Mercedes, EMC Dell, Alight Solutions, and eBay. 

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