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June Video Rankings: Growth in Desktop Views, Surge in Video Ads
Viewers are watching a lot more video ads than only a few months ago, as content owners put an emphasis on monetization.

Online measurement company comScore has released its video rankings for June, charting desktop and notebook video viewing, and the results show surprising growth. While viewing numbers had been in decline for months, perhaps because viewing was shifting to mobile, set-top boxes, connected TVs, and subscription video-on-demand services (all of which comScore doesn't track), the numbers for desktop viewing rose in June. While April showed 181.9 million unique U.S. viewers watching 38.8 billion videos, that grew to 183.3 million viewers watching 44.7 billion videos in June. While viewers averaged 1,201.9 minutes of video in April, that increased to 1,299.3 minutes in June. Google (which includes YouTube) and Facebook were the top two video properties. AOL had a strong month and took third place.

The real story, however, is in ads: video ad views for the month exploded. While in April desktop and notebook viewers watched 13.3 billion video ads, that same group watched 20.1 billion video ads in June. Video ads reached 52.6 percent of the population in April, but 53.6 percent in June. Content owners are finding that viewers will tolerate video ads as an acceptable trade-off for free content, especially if the ad loads are below that of television. The top ad properties for June were Google sites,, and BrightRoll.

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