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HTML5 Browser Support Improving, Says LongTail Video Report
In its first State of HTML5 Video report, LongTail tracks browser support and format fragmentation.

Just days after the president's State of the Union address, LongTail Video, home of the popular open source JW Player, is presenting its first ever State of HTML5 Video report. The state of HTML5 is strong, it notes, but there's room for improvement.

Browser support is crucial for HTML5 video adoption, and LongTail finds that two-thirds of the browser market currently supports HTML5 playback. What about that last one-third? It's mostly outdated versions of Internet Explorer: versions 6, 7, and 8 still account for 28 percent of the browser market.

HTML5 video support is fragmented, with half of the browsers supporting the MP4 video format and the other half supporting WebM. The report points out that MP4 support may drop "dramatically" when Chrome stops supporting it, and that WebM isn't supported by the Android operating system. The report doesn't include the Ogg video format, since it's rarely used.

For HTML5 adaptive streaming support, look to Apple's iPad and iPhone. No other mobile device maker has added it, the report says. LongTail includes a helpful chart on fullscreen video playback support, which "is still in its infancy," it notes.

Read the entire report at LongTail's site.

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