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Getting TV-Like Quality Important for 86% of Streamers, Says VDMS
When it comes to viewing their favorite programs, viewers expect the same level of quality online as they get with broadcast, but millennials are more tolerant.
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Today's viewers get a large amount of their video from streaming services, and they expect the same video quality that they're used to with television. Verizon Digital Media Services released a report yesterday showing that 43 percent say having TV-like quality every time they stream video is extremely important, and another 43 percent says it's very important. An additional 13 percent rated it somewhat important, while only 1 percent said it wasn't important.

The most frequent streaming video problem is buffering, the report says. Buffering is most often a problem on desktop computers, and least often a problem on tablets.

Poor streaming leads viewers to decrease their viewing time: Almost one-third of mobile streamers say they abandon a session at least every other time. The average mobile viewing time is 59 minutes, but viewers having a poor experience abandon the session after an average of 13 minutes.

Focusing on young adults (millennials), the report finds that they value streaming quality as much as older viewers, but are more tolerant of poor streams. When encountering streaming issues, young adults report watching for longer than older viewers.

VDMS gathered its data in April from an online survey of U.S. adults who have a broadband connection in the home, mobile internet, and are active streamers. View the full report for free (registration required).

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