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Facebook Approves Cameras and Software for Live 360 Ready Program
The 11 cameras and 7 software suites approved in the Live 360 Ready program have been proven to work with the live streams, and can carry a Facebook Live logo.
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Facebook opened is live 360 videos to all members in December, and now it's created a program that makes it easy to find compatible cameras and streaming software. Yesterday, the social network debuted the Live 360 Ready Program, which includes 11 cameras and 7 software suites that have been tested internally and are guaranteed to work with the 360° live video streams. The program is intended both for casual users and professional publishers.

The approved cameras are the Giroptic iO, Insta360 Nano, Insta360 Air, Insta360 Pro, Ion360 U, Moto 360, Nokia Ozo, Z CAM S1, 360Fly HD, 360Fly 4K, and 360Fly 4K Pro. The approved software list includes Assimilate Scratch VR, Groovy Gecko, LiveScale, Teradek, Voysys, Wowza, and Z Cam WonderLive.

These cameras and software offerings can carry the Facebook Live logo. Other hardware or software companies interested in taking part are invited to go to for more information.

Facebook's live 360 videos have also gotten an upgrade and now support 4K streams. In the near future, the Facebook 360 app for Gear VR will support live 360 4K streams in virtual reality. The Live API has also been modified to allow scheduling of live 360 streams, so followers and fans will know when to tune in.

"We hope this scheduling ability helps you build buzz and anticipation for your Live 360 moments!" Facebook product manager Chetan Gupta and product marketing manager Caitlin Ramrakha wrote in a blog post.

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