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Eyepartner Wins Injunction Against Kor Media for Copyright Issues
A trial will follow in a few months, deciding whether or not Kor illegally used TikiLive code in a competing product.

The software development company Eyepartner announced that it has won a preliminary injunction against Kor Media Group as part of a lawsuit for copyright infringement and trade secret violations. Eyeparnter filed suit against Kor in April 2013, alleging that Kor illegally used code form Eyepartner's TikiLive v3.2 live HD broadcasting platform.

“The evidence indicates that Defendants copied significant portions of Plaintiff's copyrighted code and modified it to create their own competing software, and such modifications clearly constitute the making of a derivative work," said the TikiLive United States district court order.

TikiLive's motion, which has now been granted, asked the court to stop Kor from “maintaining, using, distributing, marketing, disclosing, benefiting from, promoting, selling, offering for sale, and licensing" copyrighted TikiLive software. It also asked that Kor stop engaging in unfair competition, saying that Kor secretly decrypted and used Eyepartner's intellectual property. The court heard evidence for seven days, then granted the injunction.

A jury trial will follow to decide the case, and should begin in Miami, Florida, in a few months. Before that can happen, forensic discovery needs to be concluded on Kor computers and servers. Eyepartner alleges that the stolen intellectual property and trade secrets are worth several million dollars.

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