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Enterprise Study Shows Embrace of Video for Multiple Use Cases
Employees are creating more videos than they did one year ago, and those videos are being used in a variety of internal and external channels.

The online video platform Kaltura has released its State of Video in the Enterprise report for 2017, and the results show increased use of live and on-demand video at large businesses, an increase in video integration, and a desire for more of the same.

Video has multiple purposes in the enterprise, with 29 percent of large companies saying they rely on video for 5 to 8 use cases. Additionally, 91 percent rely on it for 2 use cases. Popular uses include consumer-facing brand awareness platforms such as website video, social channels, and advertising; employee-created video; public event streaming; training; internal communications; and live internal broadcasts.

Those surveyed see video as an essential tool that should be integrated into existing workflows. Specifically, 90 percent of large businesses said video should be integrated with learning management systems, 89 percent want it in content management systems, 93 percent in marketing automation systems, and 77 percent in social business platforms.

Companies report that their employees are creating a lot of video, with 53 percent saying their people produce more video in 2017 than they did the previous year.

"The survey results fit our understanding of the need for video experiences and workflows that are tightly integrated into existing enterprise software platforms (CRM, HCM, CX, LMS, and more)," says Dr. Michal Tsur, president and general manager of enterprise and learning at Kaltura. "This is a growing area for strategic partnerships for Kaltura."

Kaltura got it results by surveying 650 enterprise professionals. For more results, download the full State of Video in the Enterprise report for free (registration required).

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