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ESPN Brings Live Shows to Twitter and Makes SportsCenter Mobile
The sports publisher is putting its best talent online, and using Twitter and its mobile app to reach its audience throughout the day.

"No new distribution announcements because we're already everywhere," said ESPN senior vice president of social content during the sports publisher's newfront presentation today in New York City. But while ESPN demonstrated impressive reach to the media buyers in the audience, its big announcements were all about distribution.

Twitter broke the news during its newfront Monday night that ESPN is one of over 30 new publishers that will soon deliver video programming over the social networking platform. Today, ESPN gave more detail on that announcement. It will bring five live or on-demand shows to Twitter, including "SportsCenter Live" (an extension of the cable show featuring breaking news), "Hoop Streams" (a show centered around the NBA Playoffs that includes real-time conversations with fans), "Fantasy Focus Live" (a daily live stream of the ESPN podcast), "The College Football Show" (a weekly recap of college highlights), and "Rankings Reactions" (a new season of the college football discussion show). ESPN didn't offer dates, but said the shows will come to Twitter soon.

Besides moving to Twitter, "SportsCenter" is also moving to the ESPN app. A "SportsCenter" daily brief, hosted by Scott Van Pelt and other anchors, will show fans highlights from the night before and prepare them for upcoming matches. Again, ESPN said the show will debut soon.

ESPN's other programming highlight was the announcement of "Always Late With Katie Nolan," a weekly late night show with an irreverent viewpoint. It's coming soon to digital platforms, ESPN says.

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Katie Nolan talked about her upcoming weekly late night digital show at the ESPN NewFront.

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