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Comscore Adds Dish and Sling TV to its Campaign Ratings Beta
With the addition of Sling TV to its beta program, Comscore gets a view on addressable video ad performance.

Dish and Sling TV will join the beta test for Comscore's Campaign Ratings service, which is meant to fulfill the longstanding need for video ratings that can measure viewers across platforms. Sling TV will be added first, and will be the first service in the beta that can deliver addressable video ads. Addressable ads are served individually to viewers based on their preferences or demographic information, and offer more relevant information. Dish will join the beta in the first half of 2019.

"Addressable is a significant part of the advertising ecosystem and there's no doubt that part of the market will only continue to grow," says Sarah Hofstetter, president of Comscore. "We are excited to have Sling and Dish join the Comscore Campaign Ratings beta program to offer advertisers greater insight into their incremental audiences reached with addressable through Dish and Sling TV, in addition to their linear national network audiences."

The two companies have an established relationship, as they partnered on a cross-platform measurement solution in January 2018. That offering let Comscore measure viewing data on Dish set-top boxes and Sling TV accounts, giving advertisers a view on how campaigns performed on multiple platforms. Today's news joins that measurement with a wider ecosystem of content providers.

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