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Channel Master Offers DVR+, a Digital Antenna and DVR in One
The dual tuners let viewers watch one show while recording another, but full functionality requires several add-ons.

Better known for its TV antennas, Channel Master is getting into the DVR business. It has introduced DVR+, a living room product aimed at people who don't have a pay TV service and would like more flexibility with over-the-air (OTA) channels. The DVR+ connects to an HD antenna (sold separately) and a TV's HDMI port. Viewers can then watch OTA channels through an HDMI connection, so they don't have to change the source on their TV. They can also pause live television, and record one show while watching another thanks to the device's dual tuners. The DVR+ includes 16GB of internal storage, which the company says is good for two hours of recording.

For additional recording, viewers will need to connect an external hard drive (sold separately). The DVR+ also needs a little help to stream that recorded content. Channel Master suggest pairing the device with a Slingbox 500. Viewers who want to stream content online will need the optional USB Wi-Fi adapter (also sold separately). Broadband connectivity get viewers an on-screen program guide. The whole system starts to feel a little cobbled together, but that could be a plus for viewers who don't want to pay for features they'll never use and dislike subscriptions. The DVR+ is available for pre-order for $249, and will begin shipping in January. Channel Master will announce retail partners at CES.

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