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CTV Ad Requests Up 1,640% in 2018, Says Beachfront Media
Premium connected TV apps enjoy the highest completion rates, with over 95% of ads being watched from start to finish.

Ad views are booming on connected TVs (CTVs), says supply-side ad platform Beachfront Media. It released data yesterday saying that CTV ad requests rose 1,640 percent from November 2017 to November 2018. While it didn't reveal the methodology or source for that data, it said the findings are representative of growth across CTV devices.

In November 2017, there were 1.7 billion CTV ad requests, which increased to 29.9 billion in 2018. Beachfront didn't indicate if this is U.S. or worldwide traffic, and didn't reply to a press request by post time.

Roku is the clear leader for CTV ad requests, serving 87 percent of the total in November 2018. Next comes Amazon Fire TV, LG, Samsung TV, Vizio, and Chromecast, in that order.

Completion rates for CTV ads are strong, at over 90 percent, Beachfront says. Premium apps get the highest completion rates (over 95 percent) and long-tail content gets the lowest (85 percent).

“This sort of sharp incline for growth is the latest sign that ad-supported premium video content will continue to play a major role for publishers as they look to modernize their streaming content approach toward greater profitability,” says Frank Sinton, founder and president of Beachfront. “These findings further prove connected TV can’t be viewed as an extension of digital spend, or reused linear TV advertising.”

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