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Brightcove Announces Live Video Platform to Reduce Complexity
Creating live channels, transferring live content to video-on-demand libraries, and monetizing live streams are all goals of the Brightcove Live platform.
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With live video streaming growing quickly, Brightcove has announced Brightcove Live, a platform that aims to help content owners launch live channels quickly and easily, while also monetizing those offerings. The platform is driven by APIs and includes support for server-side ad insertion (SSAI), cloud DVRs, encryption, and on-the-fly clipping. Live streams can be turned into on-demand video assets.

The goal, says Brightcove, is helping media companies create 24/7 channels for multiple platforms, providing a broadcast-like experience while monetizing with ads.

"Brightcove Live is the next generation of our current live streaming and SSAI products," says Gabe Russell, developer evangelist at Brightcove. "We felt that there's a real opportunity to cut through the cost and complexity of live streaming, and provide the right tools for media and digital marketing organizations to stream, monetize, and convert their live content to VOD. SSAI is a powerful monetization tool for monetizing live events and 24/7 channels, and we've made it simple to use for any organization. Live clipping would normally require a whole post-production workflow, but Brightcove Live is already saving our customers time and resources, allowing them to post VOD clips in a fraction of the time."

Seven West Media has been using Brightcove Live in beta. The broadcaster owns Australia's largest independent media portfolio, and looked to improve its live to VOD workflow. After streaming live from 16 tennis courts during the Australian Open in late January, it was able to load on-demand videos within an hour, also offering highlight clips and interviews with the players.

Brightcove first added live streaming to its Video Cloud platform in May 2013. For an in-person look at the new Brightcove Live, visit Brightcove's booth on the upper floor of South Hall at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, later this month.

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