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Brightcove Announces Context-Aware Encoding, Up to 50% Savings
Rather than forcing content into pre-determined adaptive bitrate ladders, this system creates a unique ladder for each piece of video.
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Video cloud services company Brightcove has announced context-aware encoding, a patent-pending encoding method designed to offer the best quality for each video at the lowest size possible. The company says this approach, which is now available in beta, will reduce video operations and delivery costs by half.

Context-aware encoding analyzes the complexity of each piece of video to create a unique adaptive bitrate (ABR) ladder for each. The analysis sets an optimal resolution, framerate, and bitrate at each step of the ladder. The end result, says Brightcove, is an ABR ladder that includes only half the renditions but delivers the same quality.

This technology is context-aware since Brightcove has tuned its algorithm to make it sensitive to key viewing scenarios, such as bandwidth-constrained mobile viewing or home broadband lean-back viewing, in order to create encodes targeted at specific viewing environments. The technology uses machine learning to collect data from customers and continuously improve the process.

Based on early tests with customer data, Brightcove says content owners can expect to reduce storage and delivery costs by up to 50 percent.

This beta technology is currently only available to select Brightcove customers. Brightcove made the announcement at the start of its Play conference, which begins today in Boston.

An illustration of how Brightcove context-aware encoding provides savings

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