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Boxee Creates Boxee TV for OTA Channels with Cloud DVR
It's all about broadcast TV with Boxee's latest box, one that includes optional unlimited cloud DVR storage.

Is this the evolution of the Boxee Box or something entirely different? Boxee unveiled its latest piece of hardware today, the Boxee TV. This $99 device combines over-the-air TV channels, online apps, and an unlimited cloud DVR.

Boxee has learned that online content alone isn't enough for many would-be cord cutters, so the Boxee TV emphasizes the ability to tune in over-the-air broadcast channels and also play unencrypted basic cable stations. It includes two TV tuners, so customers can watch one program while recording another.

It doesn't just tune that content, in, however: it also records it. Customers who pay a $14.99 monthly fee gain an unlimited cloud DVR. All recorded programs are instantly uploaded to Boxee's cloud storage. The announcement didn't make it clear whether or not cloud content will be available for playback on other devices.

The Boxee TV isn't all about OTA content, though, as it also comes preinstalled with Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, Vimeo, and other video apps, as well as apps such as Pandora for music.

The Boxee TV will go on sale in November. Cloud DVR storage will initially be limited to customers in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. The Boxee TV is being manufactured by D-Link, which also made the Boxee Box.

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