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Amazon Prime Video and Samsung Announce First Use of HDR10+
Dolby Vision isn't the only HDR game in town, although consumers might wish it was. Royalty-free HDR10+ is finally available for streaming.

Promising a dynamic richness to TV images, Amazon and Samsung announced that the entire library of HDR content on Amazon Prime Video is now available in the HDR10+ standard, and can be viewed on 2017 UHD Samsung televisions. The library includes hundreds of hours of content, including Amazon originals The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Tick, and The Grand Tour.

Amazon and Samsung's support of the standard shouldn't come as a surprise, since they created it. The two companies announced HDR10+ in April 2017. While HDR is certainly a good development for TV lovers, not everyone agreed that the world needs another HDR standard. When HDR10+ was announced, Forbes wrote, "Samsung and Amazon just made the TV world even more confusing." The article notes that HDR10+ achieves similar results as the more established Dolby Vision, but is royalty-free.

HDR10+ uses dynamic metadata to adjust brightness levels per scene or even per frame, promising more accurate colors and brighter shadowed areas.

"We're dedicated to offering Prime Video members the best possible viewing experience, and we are very excited for our members around the world to experience our content in HDR10+," says Greg Hart, vice president of Prime Video.

Viewers who want HDR10+ compatibility should look for the HDR10+ logo on the Samsung box. No other TV maker has announced support.

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