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Akamai Announces Broadcast-Quality Live Linear Streaming Solution
With LiveOrigin, Akamai hopes to make live linear streams as reliable as broadcast, with low latency and an emphasis on content ingestion.
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2016 was an explosive time for line online video, and at NAB several companies will catch up with that growth. Last week, Brightcove announced a live video platform designed to make launching channels easier. Today, content delivery network Akamai announces the next version of its Media Services Live system, featuring a new addition called Media Services Live LiveOrigin. With LiveOrigin, Akamai promises over-the-top (OTT) providers, broadcasters, and telcos can give customers the same reliability they get with broadcast channels in 24/7 live linear online streams.

LiveOrigin achieves that level of quality thanks to four components: a distributed ingestion network (an automated system that matches encoders to the best entry point, includes ingest acceleration, and avoids areas with poor connectivity), 10-second latency (down from 30-seconds), multiple layers of redundancy (for immediate failover in case of problems), and near real-time reporting (customers can create custom alerts so they know as soon as there's an issue).

“Most broadcast video distribution solutions neglect the first critical link of the video chain, content ingestion. Packet drops or outages cause drops in quality or total loss of the feed," says Sam Rosen, vice president at ABI Research. “Akamai’s latest addition to Media Services Live—LiveOrigin—uses multiple technologies and operational capabilities to bring broadcast-quality reliability and redundancy to OTT services.”

For an in-person look, stop by Akamai's booth on the lower level of South Hall during next week's NAB Show.

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