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56% of Adults Have a Streaming-Enabled TV, Finds IAB Study
The number of people with an internet-connected television has shot up in the last two years, as has the amount of time people spend watching streamed programming.

The U.S. has passed the halfway point, finds the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). In its study "The Changing TV Experience: 2017," it reveals that 56 percent of U.S. adults online now own a television capable of streaming online video. That figure includes TVs that can stream by themselves or that use a set-top box or stick. That figure shows a 56 percent rise over 2015.

People who own streaming-enabled TVs watch online video often. The survey find 46 percent of those who have one stream online video daily.

In 2017, 85 percent of American adults own a regular TV, down from 92 percent two years ago. Meanwhile, 42 percent own a connected TV (up from 24 percent two years ago) and 34 percent own a video streaming device (up from 23 percent two years ago).

Breaking down how Americans spend their viewing time, the IAB finds we spend 20 percent on streamed video and 46 percent on linear programming. While traditional linear viewing is still the most common daily activity, it slowed slightly from last year.

The survey finds multitasking is popular, especially with a smartphone, but streamers multitask less often: Multitasking is done 81 percent of the time during linear viewing and 72 percent of the time while streaming. This shows, the IAB says, that watching streaming video is a more engaging experience than watching linear TV.

For more results, download the full survey for free (no registration required).

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