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18% of Video Plays End in Failure, Says Conviva Year-End Report
Slow start times and rebuffering delays are still with us, and these problems cost publishers billions of hour of viewing time in 2017.
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The online video industry missed out on billions of hours of playing time thanks to failed play attempts. Video optimization company Conviva has released its 2017 OTT Streaming Market Year in Review, and the results are eye-opening. Out of the 47.1 billion attempted plays that Conviva oversaw in 2017, 17.7 percent didn't start. Breaking that down, 3.6 percent experienced video start failures and 14.1 percent exited before the video started. That means there were 8.3 billion unsuccessful attempts to watch a video.

"These 8.3 billion lost attempts could have driven 2.6 billion more viewing hours for the OTT market in 2017!" the report says.

In 2017, videos took an average of 4.84 seconds to start, which is a 23 percent improvement over 2016.

Viewers experienced an average 0.95 percent rebuffering ratio in 2017, showing how much time they spent waiting when they wanted to be watching. Conviva data shows that a 0.2 percent increase in rebuffering leads to a reduced play time of almost 8 minutes.

Conviva's report analyzes connections for viewers around the world who streamed 12.6 billion hours of video in 2017. That figure shows a 100 percent growth rate over the previous year. Read Conviva's blog post for the full data (no registration required).

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