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YuMe and LG Announce Ad Platform for Connected TVs
LG's smart TV ad solution, powered by YuMe, promises targeted advertising for the living room.

Getting into the connected TV space early, video advertising company YuMe today announced its ad platform for Internet-enabled sets. LG Electronics is making the platform available on its TVs, while Toyota has signed on as the charter advertiser.

The platform is powered by YuMe's Embedded SDK (software development kit), which is being built into LG's connected TVs, Blu-ray Disc players, and other connected devices. The SDK promises advertisers targeted distribution across a range of devices.

Advertisers can choose to show their ads either in the connected TV's navigation or in applications.

"We are thrilled to work with LG on this first-ever ad platform embedded in TVs. Over the past several years we have offered in-player, in-app, and now in-TV ad solutions," says Jayant Kadambi, CEO of YuMe.

"As users discover the expanding content and application offerings on LG's smart TVs and connected devices, usage is growing rapidly which will provide advertisers with the audience and reach for both broad and targeted campaigns," says Sam Chang, general manager of LG's Smart TV Innovation Development Group.

LG and YuMe will begin running pilot ad campaigns in the U.S. this month, and plan broader ad participation in the spring of 2012.

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