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Adobe Joins with Kaltura for HTML5 Widget
Solution makes it easy to stream HTML5 or Flash video to any viewer on any platform.

Is Adobe switching to HTML5 video? No, but a recent release from Adobe aims to make work easier for video publishers who have to juggle the demands of Flash and HTML5 video.

Adobe has released the HTML5 Video Player widget, which provides easy browser detection. The widget serves video through the <video> tag, or the Flash Player when the <video> tag isn't supported. It works the same whether video is being watched on a computer, cell phone, or TV device.

Site builders can get the widget from the Adobe Widget Browser. The Widget Browser is made to work easily through Dreamweaver, but Dreamweaver isn't a requirement. Those without it can download Adobe Air first, and then the Widget Browser.

The Video Player is built on a subset of Kaltura's HTML5's Media Library. According to the Kaltura blog, the HTML player's user interface is built using jQueryUI and the fallback Flash player is built on Adobe's Open Source Media Framework.

Using the widget, the player user interface will look the same no matter the browser. The interface will be easy to skin and the widget will support plug-ins for adding closed captioning or accessibility features.

Posted By mig on 11/4/2010 3:08:33 PM:



Now all they have to do is make the browsers all support a single media file for playback that's also supported by Flash and there might be sanity in the land.




The moment there's anything remotely resembling a viable cross-platform development environment in HTML5, Jobs will cripple mobile safari so it can't work on his systems and you're forced to write a native app.


Welcome to the new 800 lb gorilla.

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